Monday, March 31, 2014

A post from 2012

2012 doesn't seem that long ago, but here is a post from December of that year on my other blog. I think that not a lot has changed. I mean, this seems like just a couple months ago, not a year and a half ago.

I have been rather lazy the last few days. I have gotten things done in my laziness, but I was lazy  nonetheless.

I started editing the "Zombie" music video using PowerDirector on Christmas. We didn't have as many places to go as we normally do, so I had some free time. I worked on it yesterday and today also, so I am about half way done. I thought I was more than 3/4 done, but it turns out I had somehow been missing part of the audio track, so I went back and re-downloaded it and I am half way done.

I love PowerDirector as far as the editing aspect. There are so many different things you can do to make a video look how you want it to look. However, I wish it had better titles and credits. It only has like four title options and none for credits. I think I'll just finish the video, then bring it into movie maker to add in the title and credits.

I also plan on having a video commentary explaining different parts. Basically, I'll turn on my webcam and film my comments and reactions as I watch the finished video.

I have started writing a book. My brother is really bad at setting up things like the Xbox and Wii and DVD player, so I am making a short book for him. That way, when I go off to college, I know he will be able to do these things himself. I have about nine pages so far in Microsoft Word. Of course, that includes the title page and table of contents, and a lot of the book is just a skeleton outline so far.

I have started on this thing called a "smash book" that I got for christmas. Basically, it is a scrapbook of messiness and random stuff. It doesn't have to be perfect, and you can record whatever you want in it. I plan to post some pictures of it on here soon. It is not something that you just sit down and do, then be finished with. It is an ongoing project to help you keep up with your memories.

My grandpa got me a caligraphy set for Christmas. I think its rather cool, but it will require some practice to get good at it. I guess I'll use it to write a letter to him someday or something like that.

We have a fancy one-cup-at-a-time coffee maker now. It makes really good coffee, hot chocolate, and tea. It should make it easier and faster to make coffee on school mornings too. My mom said there is a chance I might get one of my own when I go off to college. That would be amazing.

Well, I'm going to go get some food or coffee or something. Goodbye for today!

Elizabeth W.

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