Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Book Thief - #Reviewsdaytuesday

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak is a book that I was told to read while I was still in high school because it was really good. I never managed to get my hands on a copy during those four years though, so I bought it on my kindle in like January. I haven't been reading much lately, and the book can be kinda slow and boring at times, so I didn't read it as fast as I might have in high school. But I finally sat down and finished it the other day, and it was a pretty good book.

I love this book for the setting, which is Germany during the holocaust. There's the whole thing about censorship and whatnot and its just great. And the main character is awesome and someone that you can relate to, particularly if you love books. But being the book thief is about more than just loving books. Its about knowing whats right and wrong and being willing to fight for what you believe in, even if it goes against what everyone else says.

I hated this book only for the amount of death. But it takes place during a war, so what else do you expect?

I would say that this is a book for anyone ages 12 and up. There are some serious matters, but nothing too terrible. Not a lot of cursing or sexual stuff. I mean, the kids in the story are pretty young. Its definitely worth the read, but be warned that it is a bit slow sometimes and doesn't follow an exact timeline, which might be confusing for younger readers.


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